Boost your company´s profile with beneficial promotional mugs

What´s the first thing you do in the morning to wake up? You grab a large mug of tea or coffee for that much needed shot of caffeine to start your day. And while you´re gulping down your drink, so too is everyone else whether they´re at home, on their way to work or already in the office. That´s a lot of tea and coffee! So what better way to promote your business than with branded mugs which display your company name and logo, a catchy slogan or recognisable design.

Promotional mugs are a popular choice for companies to use as an interesting advertising technique. Used by staff members, individuals, given as gifts, used as incentives or as giveaways, mugs appeal to a multitude of people which is a great way to spread your company´s message quickly and effectively.

A range of shapes, sizes and designs with personalised detailing means that you can cater to your target audience with precision for maximum results from your marketing campaign. Be bold and get noticed with big, chunky mugs, or stand out from the crowd with quirky and retro designs. Delicate bone china mugs add a hint of sophistication for your prospective clientele, whilst stylish corporate sets will most certainly make a statement. Are you targeting city based clients who have to commute to and from work each day, those who like to travel around, or people who are always on the go? Then take advantage of the travel mug trend to offer them thermal insulated mugs made from plastic or stainless steel with secure lids to enjoy hot drinks while looking at a cool design. For a bit of fun, a heated mug will attract attention as the heat sensitive coating becomes transparent to reveal your company details. Or, for a more novel idea, get your message across to creative clients who can write their own messages on their mugs with the piece of chalk provided with their novelty printed mugs. A versatile product that´s used by everyone, you can send the right message about your company to busy people everywhere without taking up any of their time.

Promotional mugs are ideal at large events, such as trade shows, to attract new customers to your company. Personalised mugs used as giveaways to existing clients or as part of an offer make them feel special and appreciated. Strong branding combined with eye-catching mugs in a quantity to suit your budget will ensure you achieve the full potential from your company´s marketing campaign without breaking the bank. This cost-effective form of advertising is a unique way to spread your company´s details and is appealing to a broad range of consumers. So stick the kettle on and enjoy a brew while reaping the rewards of your beneficial mug promotion!


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