Online trends in business for the coming year

The B-Daily Business Network has just reported that commercial behaviour experts are citing UK small businesses as the leading influences of global business trends. This is great news for the UK economy and will provide some much needed encouragement to start-up companies all over the country.

Most business owners today know that the internet is the future of a company’s success and so monitoring of online business trends is now just as important as the monitoring of offline developments. Here are some of the top online trends for business over the next year.

Because the economy is still in recovery mode due to the challenges of the last few years, bargain hunting will inevitably play a large role in this year’s consumer spending. Rewards and deals which draw customers in are set to become even more popular this year. Offering special deals and rewards such as a free branded gifts, does not mean that businesses will lose out however; just the opposite, in fact. Businesses can earn their profits through higher rates of referrals and repeat sales, as customers spread the word about great offers and return for more of the same.

Another online business trend for this year is push marketing using mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. This involves combining traditional advertising online with a call to action. Because most people use their Smartphone or tablet continuously throughout the day, this will be a major factor in increasing sales and profits for businesses in 2012. A variation on push marketing with mobile devices is pull marketing with them instead. This essentially means sending promotional offers and rewards through email, which people can now access on their mobile devices.  This type of marketing is expected to become a very popular choice with many small businesses who are trying to cut costs, as email is a far cheaper form of advertisement than text.

The final trend of 2012 will be social media monitoring and marketing; whilst this has been popular in 2011, this year’s new social media monitoring tools, such as Google Alerts are expected to encourage far more businesses to start keeping track of online reviews and referrals of their products and services. This will allow small businesses to become more involved with their customer base and encourage better communication and customer service.


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