Umbrella Weather

With the recent resurgence of the Great British Weather (rain, and a lot of it!), many areas of the UK are currently underwater with an expected month’s worth of rain falling in only a few days.
Areas in the North East around York and Durham were particularly hard hit, with the Ouse flooding local areas. This summer has been one of the wettest on record (though apparently also a drought season at the same time?!) and this particular spell is another unfortunate misery for this living in low-lying flood affected surroundings.


Though umbrellas might not be much use, when water is knee-deep or higher – unless you’re creating a small boat for wildlife – the rain is an opportunity to keep your brand message remembered. Whether that’s through full panel printing on our Spectrum Umbrella  or decals on the handle for the Rainlite Trimagic Mini , the Umbrella Store has a great range of items, knowledgeable staff and a superior sales experience – search for them online now!


Another product causing a fluster to the UK market is the Blunt umbrella.  With a radical new design, premium materials and fantastic durability, this is definitely a new favourite for the upmarket umbrella sector. The Blunt has been tested to withstand Force 12 winds of up to 112km/h. It’s almost indestructible design comes from fantastically determined design engineer Greig Brebner , who grew tired of the flimsy and often dangerous umbrellas he encountered on crowded city streets. Floating, rather than fixed ribs reach into the ‘Blunt’ corners upon opening, and create an impressively taut canopy which is designed to last for years of use.


We give our vote for the most impressive use of all this water to Oli Barett who has been filmed bodyboarding along a flooded Castleford road in West Yorkshire. Who knows, maybe we can use this as watersports practice for Rio 2016?

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