Boost your company´s profile with beneficial promotional mugs

What´s the first thing you do in the morning to wake up? You grab a large mug of tea or coffee for that much needed shot of caffeine to start your day. And while you´re gulping down your drink, so too is everyone else whether they´re at home, on their way to work or already in the office. That´s a lot of tea and coffee! So what better way to promote your business than with branded mugs which display your company name and logo, a catchy slogan or recognisable design.

Promotional mugs are a popular choice for companies to use as an interesting advertising technique. Used by staff members, individuals, given as gifts, used as incentives or as giveaways, mugs appeal to a multitude of people which is a great way to spread your company´s message quickly and effectively.

A range of shapes, sizes and designs with personalised detailing means that you can cater to your target audience with precision for maximum results from your marketing campaign. Be bold and get noticed with big, chunky mugs, or stand out from the crowd with quirky and retro designs. Delicate bone china mugs add a hint of sophistication for your prospective clientele, whilst stylish corporate sets will most certainly make a statement. Are you targeting city based clients who have to commute to and from work each day, those who like to travel around, or people who are always on the go? Then take advantage of the travel mug trend to offer them thermal insulated mugs made from plastic or stainless steel with secure lids to enjoy hot drinks while looking at a cool design. For a bit of fun, a heated mug will attract attention as the heat sensitive coating becomes transparent to reveal your company details. Or, for a more novel idea, get your message across to creative clients who can write their own messages on their mugs with the piece of chalk provided with their novelty printed mugs. A versatile product that´s used by everyone, you can send the right message about your company to busy people everywhere without taking up any of their time.

Promotional mugs are ideal at large events, such as trade shows, to attract new customers to your company. Personalised mugs used as giveaways to existing clients or as part of an offer make them feel special and appreciated. Strong branding combined with eye-catching mugs in a quantity to suit your budget will ensure you achieve the full potential from your company´s marketing campaign without breaking the bank. This cost-effective form of advertising is a unique way to spread your company´s details and is appealing to a broad range of consumers. So stick the kettle on and enjoy a brew while reaping the rewards of your beneficial mug promotion!

Why thermal mugs can’t be beaten when it comes to low-cost promotional campaigns in the winter

Printed thermal travel mugs provide companies with the perfect opportunity to get their business noticed during the colder months of the year. In addition to being used to transport hot coffee, tea or cocoa in a safe and convenient way whilst the drinker is on the move, these mugs are also frequently used in office environments, as they save employees from having to leave their work every hour or two, to make another new drink. Not only this, but thermal travel mugs also comply with the health and safety policies in many hospitals, colleges and schools, and so they are often used in these places too, as a way in which to prevent burns from spillages of hot beverages.

Of course, thermal mugs can be used all year round, as they not only keep hot drinks warm, but can also keep cold drinks cool during the summer months. However, because of the word ‘thermal’, these mugs are usually associated with the colder seasons and as such, will work most effectively as part of an autumn or winter promotional campaign. The thermal mugs sold at Gift Selection come in a wide range of colours, making them perfect for use as seasonal gifts; whether they’re orange and black for Halloween, or red and green for Christmas.

They could even be given out, along with some sparklers for Guy Fawkes night, so that those attending the traditional bonfires held on this day will have a hot drink to keep their hands warm whilst they enjoy the festivities. In regards to Christmas, thermal mugs are undoubtedly one of the less expensive promotional production options, and as such are great for companies with limited marketing budgets.

For companies that are aiming for more outdoor brand exposure, this particular type of mug is the most suitable choice. It will be used by commuters, drivers and those walking to work, potentially exposing the company name and logo to hundreds of people in the space of an hour or two. These mugs are also designed to fit into standard car cup-holders which means that those travelling in the car will also see the company details. . Thermal mugs can even keep drivers warm in the event of a breakdown, making them particularly appropriate for any health and safety campaigns.

Umbrella Weather

With the recent resurgence of the Great British Weather (rain, and a lot of it!), many areas of the UK are currently underwater with an expected month’s worth of rain falling in only a few days.
Areas in the North East around York and Durham were particularly hard hit, with the Ouse flooding local areas. This summer has been one of the wettest on record (though apparently also a drought season at the same time?!) and this particular spell is another unfortunate misery for this living in low-lying flood affected surroundings.


Though umbrellas might not be much use, when water is knee-deep or higher – unless you’re creating a small boat for wildlife – the rain is an opportunity to keep your brand message remembered. Whether that’s through full panel printing on our Spectrum Umbrella  or decals on the handle for the Rainlite Trimagic Mini , the Umbrella Store has a great range of items, knowledgeable staff and a superior sales experience – search for them online now!


Another product causing a fluster to the UK market is the Blunt umbrella.  With a radical new design, premium materials and fantastic durability, this is definitely a new favourite for the upmarket umbrella sector. The Blunt has been tested to withstand Force 12 winds of up to 112km/h. It’s almost indestructible design comes from fantastically determined design engineer Greig Brebner , who grew tired of the flimsy and often dangerous umbrellas he encountered on crowded city streets. Floating, rather than fixed ribs reach into the ‘Blunt’ corners upon opening, and create an impressively taut canopy which is designed to last for years of use.


We give our vote for the most impressive use of all this water to Oli Barett who has been filmed bodyboarding along a flooded Castleford road in West Yorkshire. Who knows, maybe we can use this as watersports practice for Rio 2016?

Pimp your mug

We are always on the look out for new and exciting products, but sometimes we can over look the tried and tested promotional products. Everyone uses a mug and it is one of the most effective advertising mediums.

We have come across a brand new site this site offers a wide variety of printed mugs and glassware that can be personalised in so many many ways, so you really can “pimp your mug”. From standard screen printing to more exotic transfer printing and sand blasting there are many ways to get your brand message and logo on a mug.

If your looking for some inspiration just give them a call!

Online trends in business for the coming year

The B-Daily Business Network has just reported that commercial behaviour experts are citing UK small businesses as the leading influences of global business trends. This is great news for the UK economy and will provide some much needed encouragement to start-up companies all over the country.

Most business owners today know that the internet is the future of a company’s success and so monitoring of online business trends is now just as important as the monitoring of offline developments. Here are some of the top online trends for business over the next year.

Because the economy is still in recovery mode due to the challenges of the last few years, bargain hunting will inevitably play a large role in this year’s consumer spending. Rewards and deals which draw customers in are set to become even more popular this year. Offering special deals and rewards such as a free branded gifts, does not mean that businesses will lose out however; just the opposite, in fact. Businesses can earn their profits through higher rates of referrals and repeat sales, as customers spread the word about great offers and return for more of the same.

Another online business trend for this year is push marketing using mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. This involves combining traditional advertising online with a call to action. Because most people use their Smartphone or tablet continuously throughout the day, this will be a major factor in increasing sales and profits for businesses in 2012. A variation on push marketing with mobile devices is pull marketing with them instead. This essentially means sending promotional offers and rewards through email, which people can now access on their mobile devices.  This type of marketing is expected to become a very popular choice with many small businesses who are trying to cut costs, as email is a far cheaper form of advertisement than text.

The final trend of 2012 will be social media monitoring and marketing; whilst this has been popular in 2011, this year’s new social media monitoring tools, such as Google Alerts are expected to encourage far more businesses to start keeping track of online reviews and referrals of their products and services. This will allow small businesses to become more involved with their customer base and encourage better communication and customer service.

Eco products create the right reputation for your business

For the environmentally conscious business owner, using promotional products can pose a dilemma; you want to promote your company and show your appreciation to customers and employees, but you also want to maintain an eco-friendly standpoint. The solution to this problem is to use Eco promotional products, which are just as functional and affordable as standard products, but are made from materials which benefit the earth.

The use of eco friendly promotional products can only help your business; after all, these products are a reflection of your business and environmentally friendly items will show customers that your business has a strong ethical standpoint, which increases the trust they place in your company’s service or product.

The majority of the products in our Eco Category are made from recycled materials. These products, such as our recycled pens and notebooks, utilise excess waste plastic which would otherwise be left in landfills. We even stock pencil cases made from recycled tyres.

When people think about eco-friendly products, they often make the assumption that the quality of these products is compromised somehow, when in fact, the opposite is true. Recycled products have come a long way in the past few years and are made from highly durable materials; for instance, the pencil case, made from tyre material, is likely to last far longer than a non-recycled plastic case.

Our Eco range of promotional products take the concept of an earth-conscious product a step further; we now stock an excellent range of biodegradable products, including pens, pencils, sports bottles and staplers, which will naturally decompose over a period of years. These products are ideal for those who are worried about purchasing promotional products, which, when they have outlived their usefulness, will end up in a landfill. Biodegradable items eliminate this worry.

We also offer a range of plants with a promotional twist, perfect for those who want to give an eco-friendly gift which will last for years. Our recycled plant pots come with a choice of plants contained within a stylish pot and are provided with compost made from recycled household waste. For companies who want a fun, novelty ‘living’ promotional product, our desktop garden is a great option; this comes with a range of plants in aluminium pots, which are perfectly sized for any standard office desk.

Printed pens for new product Launches

Whilst the general promotion of a company is a top priority for almost any business owner, the promotion of a new service or product usually requires a separate marketing plan which takes a fresh approach. This can be challenging, to say the least. This is where promotional pens can be particularly useful. By using a pen which perfectly reflects the new campaign’s brand colours, style and message, a promotional pen can help in familiarising customers with the company’s new product or service in a subtle but highly effective way. Because a pen is something used on a daily basis, it is a great item with which to integrate a company product into people’s everyday life.

The events which help to launch a company’s new service or product are usually filled with people from various business backgrounds and may include groups from the media, business associates, customers and employees. Inviting such a diverse group of people to these launches ensures that news of the new service spreads quickly throughout a range of industry sectors. Promotional products given away at these events therefore need to appeal to as wide a range of people as possible; this is why pens are a great choice, as they are used by almost everyone on a regular basis and are of a highly practical nature. If they are of a very high quality, they can also be a status symbol; the Balmain pen, for instance, is considered to be a luxury item and is something which many people would love to receive as a promotional gift.

Promotional pens do not always have to be luxurious to be effective though; the type of pen you choose to launch a new product really depends on who your target audience is. If, for example, your new service or product is aimed at a younger demographic, then luxury pens may not be suitable; young adults may prefer a pen in a funky colour, or one which has a novelty aspect to it. Similarly, if your company are of the eco-friendly variety, then biodegradable pens may be a better option, as these will be far more likely to appeal to customers who buy from a ‘green’ company. Aside from the demographic you want to target, you should also consider what pen best fits your budget. It is generally advised to buy the best that you can afford, as promotional products are really an investment in one’s company; the right promotional pen will serve as a long term advertisement for your brand and will help you to gain a wider customer base.

Inspired by the Golden Globes? Create a fabulous work awards ceremony

The Golden Globes, held this January, were a roaring success; from the gossip about the designer gowns, to the after party celebrations and everything in between. It would seem odd for a year to pass by without our favourite actors and actresses receiving recognition for their on screen performances; the Oscars and the Golden Globes are some of the most watched events in the world. However, when it comes to celebrating work achievements in the ‘real world’ of business, we are less inclined to give credit to those who have earned it, with an awards ceremony.

Many business owners are now realising the importance of recognising their employee’s hard work. Staff members who feel appreciated are more likely to work hard and generally feel more motivated. It’s also a great way to improve the sense of team spirit in a work environment. If, as an employer, you are considering holding an awards ceremony for outstanding employees, then here’s a quick guide to getting it right.

Deciding who should receive the awards is dependent on the organisation itself; some companies like to give 5 year, or 10 year award pieces out in recognition of commitment to the business, however other awards could be given for things such as consistently hard work.

An awards ceremony does not have to be a hugely extravagant event, with several hundred guests. Smaller organisations with a limited budget will still be able to hold a memorable event. The key things to consider for this type of thing are the number of guests, the catering, the venue and of course, the award pieces.

The venue is something which should be given quite a bit of thought; too small and the atmosphere might be more claustrophobic than electric, too large and the room might feel empty. Hotel conference rooms can often be a good choice, as very often the catering can also be organised here, however another options would be to rent a hall.

This event needn’t be all about spending money, with no return; it is in fact, the perfect opportunity to do a bit of promotion. Use banners in the hotel, to advertise the event and perhaps give out a free gift bag with some promotional pieces at the end of the night.

Tweet your way to success in business

Business Week recently wrote about the most used work in the English Language today; the results may or may not surprise you. ‘Twitter’ was found to be the most popular word. According to the article, Twitter is billion pound industry leader in social media.

Almost all businesses today are familiar with some form of social media; a Facebook or Twitter account can be a great help in marketing and branding. Many companies are expanding their social media use to include customer service.

However, not all social media platforms are alike; Twitter seems to be leading the way in terms of speed of communication and potential to help businesses grow. Many people love to send Tweets from their Smartphone, both in and out of the office; a Smartphone holder ensures that they can spot any updates immediately, even when they’re working at their desk.

So how can a business use Twitter to ensure that they stay ahead of the pack? Well, there are a number of answers to this question.

One of the most important things to remember when using Twitter is to build relationships with both customers and business associates who also have accounts. Most people follow hundreds, if not thousands of others and so without first building these connections, the online Twitter community simply won’t have any idea who you are.  Interaction is key.

In keeping with this line of thought, it is important to be genuinely interested in other people with which you interact. Constantly letting others know about the great product or service that you provide, without actually taking the time to get to know them will only serve to diminish your company’s reputation, as this approach implies that money is a higher priority that the needs of the customer. The beauty of Twitter is that if a customer or fellow business associate is impressed by your conversation and professional attitude, they can recommend you to others on their Twitter feed, thus increasing the exposure of your business.

Another thing to avoid at all costs is ‘spam’; essentially this means repeating a message (whether it’s the announcement of a new product, or something else) over and over on Twitter. Whilst it is important to let people know about your business, the structure of the Twitter feed is such that if your ‘followers’ find themselves bombarded with the same Tweet again and again, they will get irritated and will click the dreaded ‘Unfollow’ button.

An alternative to getting the word out about a product, is to ask others to ‘retweet’ your message; this will ensure that customers receive the information in a more natural way.

Streamlining without job losses; possible or just a pipe dream?

It was recently announced that the company Nestle are planning to streamline one of their more prominent coffee factories in a bid to streamline. This comes as no surprise in what is still an economic downturn. With economic conditions still making business success difficult for many, it seems that streamlining is fast becoming a popular choice. This response may seem drastic, however it does not necessarily imply that jobs must be lost in the process; there are plenty of other methods which can help to cut costs during challenging times.

One simple way to streamline is to reduce paperwork. Organising and filing paperwork costs time and money and the paper trail itself, particularly in larger companies, really adds up. So many companies today are taking advantage of technology by creating an almost paperless filing system, which can cut down on costs quite dramatically. Whilst paperwork will most likely not be eliminated entirely, it can certainly be reduced to a point where it is no longer a hindrance to the business.

Outsourcing is another option for businesses undergoing streamlining as a way of reducing costs. Almost any business can benefit from this method; outsourcing helps to improve customer satisfaction which is absolutely essential during tough economical times, as each business vies for the customer’s attention. Outsourcing can also help a business to free up the management’s time, which will allow them to spend more time on fine tuning their strategies as well as making important decisions about the direction of the company. All of these benefits give the company a strong advantage which will help them get ahead when times are tough.

Having multiple software systems which require several employees to monitor them, can lead to overspending at a time when the opposite is needed. Many companies today have one piece of software for inventory, another for accounting and perhaps another for entering orders. Having an integrated platform for software installed can significantly decrease time spent keeping track of separate software packages, thus saving money and time.

Whilst some reduced hours for employees are to be expected during the streamlining process, it is often possible to reduce company costs without letting go of employees. The key is to think creatively about what can be done to improve customer satisfaction as well as decrease the running costs of the business on a daily basis. Remember that it is not only the management that have all the great ideas in this regard; give employees some pen and notebook sets, so that they can jot down any ideas they might have to help the business along; this will ensure they feel valued and included.

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